Camp Perry 2018, National Trophy rifle matches SATERN®/LIBERTY BARRELS® is proud to be a sponsor, these are the winners who received one of the barrels! CONGRATULATIONS!


LIBERTY BARRELS® Button Rifled barrels also come in a variety of calibers and contours. You can find our in stock barrels in the store, or contact us for your custom work. Check out the link below for more!

Our premium barrels, SATERN® Cut Rifled barrels come in a variety of calibers and contours.

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Barrels that SHOOT like no other, because they're MADE like no other!

SATERN® proudly manufactures premium rifle barrels and shooting accessories for the shooting community.

From our single point cut rifled SATERN® line to our button rifled LIBERTY BARRELS® line, our SATERN® Static Free Powder funnels to our muzzle breaks,  you'll see exceptional quality.